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DrizzleStik - Save Your Golf Game!

You know the drill. You made the tee time weeks ago and now it looks like rain. Or, you’re in the middle of a great round when the skies turn gray. Rain… it definitely makes a round of golf more challenging. And as you’re well aware, the difference between a great shot and an out-of-bounds penalty stroke can be a wet grip.

DrizzleStik® Club Covers are the perfect solution to rainy days on the course. Designed by an avid golfer for avid golfers, DrizzleStiks keep your clubs dry while making it easy to get into your bag. All in all, a much better alternative to zipper tops or the dreaded trash bag that blows away in the wind. Thousands of golfers already rely on DrizzleStiks to save their game when the weather turns sour.


Buy 2 get an additional DrizzleStik FREE!
Coupon B2G123

No matter which “Stik” you choose, you get a great-quality product.

Convenient Features - Dry Clubs

Regardless of whether you choose the Drape or Flex, DrizzleStiks are made to keep your clubs dry during a rainy day on the golf course.

You can use DrizzleStiks when you carry your clubs, use a push cart, or drive a power cart. When not in use, store your Flex in your umbrella pocket. The Drape, which is a shorter model, will fit into most larger bag pockets.

DrizzleStiks have a locking ball-detent telescoping umbrella shaft that allows you to adjust its height for your bag.